"The Believers, in their mutual mercy, love and compassion are like one body, if one part of it suffers in pain, the whole body will suffer with it."

-Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Mission of Muslim Wellness Foundation

Muslim Wellness Foundation (MWF) is a (501c3) nonprofit organization established in 2011 to reduce stigma associated with mental illness, addiction and trauma in the American Muslim community through dialogue, education and training. For those experiencing a mental health challenge, stigma acts as a significant barrier to seeking the help that is needed. In the American Muslim community, mental health challenges are just as prevalent as in other communities, yet stigma stemming from cultural and religious beliefs lead many to feel that they must suffer in silence. American Muslims struggling with mental illness or addiction may attribute their experience to weak faith, a punishment from God or test of perseverance and fortitude.  Other barriers also exist that make seeking help incredibly difficult, including discrimination, racism, Islamophobia and lack of mental health professionals with a basic knowledge of Islam and Muslims. Our aim is to address the glaring mental health disparities present by engaging community members, health professionals, and religious leaders in conversation to improve mental health literacy, stigma reduction, help-seeking behavior and access to culturally competent services. We envision a future in which faith communities are at the forefront of mental health advocacy and committed to developing an inclusive culture of compassion, understanding and support.

Muslim Wellness Model & Theory of Change

In order to achieve our vision, we have adopted an interdisciplinary approach which addresses mental health challenges using a spiritually relevant community-based public health framework. We engage community members, health professionals and providers & religious leaders and Islamic organizations in much needed dialogue and collaboration.​ 

Our projects and initiatives focus on 3 major areas:

  • Community Engagement & Outreach

  • Training & Consultation

  • Professional Development & Networking



Mission of Muslim Wellness Foundation