Black COVID Survey WEBINAR Presentation-

​The Black COVID Survey Project is a partnership between Muslim Wellness Foundation & University of Maryland, Baltimore County in collaboration with the National Black Muslim COVID Coalition. This project included groundbreaking research on the impact of COVID-19 in Black communities across the United States. This national [anonymous & confidential] survey conducted May - June 2020 focused on understanding the psychosocial, spiritual and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a sample of religiously and ethnically diverse Black/African Americans [N=845]. The recorded webinar below highlighted major findings and how the pandemic has effected Black/African Americans' religious practices, financial and emotional well-being.

  • "Overall, how are you coping with the COVID-19 pandemic?" 

  • "Do you have any other thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects your work experience?"

  • "How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your religious practice(s)?

   co-Principal Investigators: 

   Dr. Kameelah Mu'Min Rashad & Dr. Shawn Bediako

   Research Associate: 

   Imam Abdul-Malik Merchant

Survey Results - Highlights

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Recorded Webinar & Slides

"Overall, how are you coping with the COVID-19 pandemic?"

Black/African Americans - Muslims, Christians and folks of other faith traditions -  across the country responded to this question. Learn more about the major findings from this religiously and ethnically diverse sample of community members! Watch the webinar and download the presentation.

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"Tired of being labeled 'most likely to die' first because I am poor, Black and elderly."

-72yo African American Muslim woman

"The stress of COVID has been exacerbated by the disproportionate loss of life in my community, the sustained aggravated assault on black bodies by the police and by systemic racism and racist rhetoric in this country. I have been especially traumatized by the visible killing of George Floyd and the insidious video of Central Park Karen."

-43yo Afro-Carribean Muslim woman

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"I accept the Qadr [divine decree/wisdom] of Allah and know that with difficulty comes relief."

-50yo African American Muslim man

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