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"How are we to understand ourselves and our social locations, if being Muslim precludes being Black, which cannot be reconciled with being an American subject? The historical and contemporary erasure of Black Muslims can only be situated in the context of a violent anti-Black solidarity; the Black Muslim in America must then contend with an economy of unresolved strivings—towards faith, visibility, resistance, and self determination.”  

~Muna Mire,  Towards a Black Muslim Ontology of Resistance


The unique vulnerabilities of being Black and Muslim in the United States are significant. However, in the face of anti-Black racism and anti-Muslim bigotry, Black Muslims often draw upon faith and deeply rooted spirituality, ancestral knowledge and cultural identities to strive towards restoring meaning, health and balance in their lives. In a post-9/11, post-Ferguson Trump era, it is important to discuss the cultural and spiritual resilience which have strengthened Black Muslims through the centuries and the strategies/coping mechanisms that will serve the community as they face new threats to their collective well being.  Muslim Wellness Foundation is actively leading the way to create space for these healing dialogues through the Annual Black Muslim Psychology Conference (BMPC). The Black Muslim Psychology Conference was established in 2015 and focuses on mitigating the “acute social invisibility” which affects the mental health of Black Muslims, particularly in light of rising anti-Muslim bigotry and increased awareness of police brutality and violence in the Black community.  It is the only national conference in the U.S., which centers the voices and experiences of Black Muslims with respect to faith, race, identity and well being.