We are so excited to unveil our Deeply Rooted Swag! Our very Black. very Muslim. T-shirts were designed by 2017 Deeply Rooted Fellow & Stanford University alumna Tefan Yusuf! All proceeds go towards supporting the Deeply Rooted Emerging Leaders (DREL) Fellowship.

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The Deeply Rooted Emerging Leaders (DREL) Fellowship is a year long program sponsored by Muslim Wellness Foundation which centers the challenges, strengths and well-being of Black Muslim Emerging adults (18-25 years old). It is built upon an understanding of self-awareness and critical self-reflection as invaluable components to cultivating resilience and leadership capacity. Additionally, this fellowship is grounded in the belief that building power and civic engagement cannot occur without healing and introspection. Therefore in this political moment young adults must acquire new skills related to racial trauma and healing, emotional intelligence, compassionate leadership and community organizing. This fellowship also offers mentoring opportunities to emerging Black Muslim young adults and on-going support through their racial healing and self-discovery process. We hope to nurture a cohort of emotionally intelligent social justice activists and leaders who will more assertively and constructively engage in spiritually grounded, justice oriented advocacy within the Muslim community. 

DREL Fellowship Program Components

Throughout this year long program, DREL Fellows are engaged in a series of learning opportunities, discussions and experiential activities which challenge them to think about who they are, who they are becoming and their role in improving their communities. The main highlights include:

  • Black Muslim Youth Rising - Two 3-day Intensive Leadership Retreats

  • Small Group Action Projects

  • Deeply Rooted Monthly Dialogues

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