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Angelica Lindsey-Ali | Community Scholar, Certified Sexual Health Educator, StoryTeller, African Dancer

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In traditional African societies, there was always at least one woman in the village, a teacher and guide. Parents send their daughters to her when they begin their menses. She advises young brides in the weeks leading up to marriage. We have lost connection with these old folkways. My mission is to reclaim them. We owe it to ourselves, our sisters, our daughters. I am striving to be a guide back to the ways of our foremothers. Sex is not something we have to shy away from. Our beloved Rasulallah (saws) taught us to not have shame when learning about our deen. Sex is a part of life. #TheVillageAuntie can teach you.

Community Scholar & Sexual Health Educator Angelica Lindsey-Ali aka The Village Auntie brings her expertise in sexual health and emotional well-being to Muslim Wellness Foundation!  She offers workshops and resources on traditional approaches to sexuality and feminine gender identity within the framework of traditional West and East African societies. She also provides experiential learning related to feminine rites of passage which are traditionally carried out within the context of continental communities. Sr. Angelica challenges us to re-examine the critical role of woman-to-woman communication as well as age-grade societies as a tool for dissemination of not only practical sexual knowledge but as a portal for the modeling of femininity, positive body image, and the rightful role of women as pillars of family and community.

Angelica Lindsey-Ali is a wife, proud home birthing mother of 4, and a lifelong lover of African culture. A native of Detroit, Angelica considers herself a community scholar whose research interests include the West African roots of African American Islamic identity and the role of sacred sexuality within West and East African cultures. She holds a degree in African and African American Studies from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. She is a certified sexual health educator has been working in the field of public health for the last 15 years and has been providing 1:1 support to women for 20+ years. She is trained in female reproductive and sexual health, HIV/STI prevention methods, epidemiology, prenatal and postnatal sex education and have certifications in a variety of behavioral health interventions. She also provides experiential learning related to feminine rites of passage which are traditionally carried out within the context of continental communities. She instructs Rites participants on body awareness, sacred movement, and the cultural history, meaning, and technique of dances from Ghana, Mali, Senegal, and Guinea. In addition to her professional work, Angelica is a storyteller, professional dancer and choreographer specializing in the dances of West Africa.


Kunyaza 101


Traditional African Practices to be discussed during this 3 hour workshop will include, but are not limited to:

  • Islamic approaches to sexual rights for wives

  • Feminine Rites of Passage

  • Kunyaza, African sexual techniques to elicit female orgasm and ejaculation

  • Thiouraye and unsi, the art of aromatherapy as a natural aphrodisiac

  • Waist beads and bethios, creative tools for creating mood and enticement

$75.00 per person

Women Only | No Children
Registration includes lunch, workshop materials, and handbook

TVA LiveChat

The Intricacy of Intimacy

March 20, 2019 |Atlanta, GA


The Village Auntie is a certified sexual health educator and leading kunyaza expert. The Village Auntie brings her wealth of experience and expertise to teach ladies the secrets of female pleasure in a holistic and intimate way. This one-time private women-only chat is open to women of all ages, religions, relationship status and cultural backgrounds.

Learn about how to access a deeper level of intimacy, explore the depths of personal sensuality, and learn how to get that O, sis. This is a workshop not to be missed.

Kisses & Words

Sacred Sensuality Seminar

March 30, 2019 | Bowie, MD

Join fellow Soulful Muslim Sisters for this unique event supporting healthy, fulfilling intimacy within the sacred bounds of Muslim married life. Explore African feminity and sexuality from an Islamic perspective in an intimate sisters-only seminar. The seminar includes an interactive Kunyaza sexual techiques workshop, tips on reaching sexual fulfillment, and an introduction to waistbeads and hip-releasing movement.


The Pleasure Principle: Self-Care for Black Women

October 21, 2018


The Village Auntie is a special guest on Venus Clapback, a podcast and video series. This episode covers sex and intimacy in a way you might not have heard it before: with a foundation in East and West African tradition.

Reclaiming the Village Auntie: Exploring African Femininity & Sexuality from an Islamic Perspective 

August 25, 2018


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Learn more about the Reclaiming the Village Auntie Movement, the importance of feminine rites of passage, the relationship between emotional and sexual health, waist beads, sacred body care and more!
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